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Tempur-Pedic Ergo ProSmart Adjustable Base

Vendor: Tempur-pedic
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The all-new TEMPUR-Ergo ProSmart™ Base powered by Sleeptracker-Al® delivers an innovative sleep solution that can detect snoring and automatically respond, which may help reduce it,* and provides enhanced relaxation options designed to help prepare your mind and body for sleep.

Key Features:

Snore Response™

The TEMPUR-Ergo' Smart Base Snore Response automatically senses snoring and raises your head to a position which may help reduce it.*

SoundScape™ Mode

An immersive experience that allows you to both hear and feel sound through the mattress by connecting your smartphone or other Bluetooth wireless technology devices to your base.

Wind Down™ Program

Designed to help relax your mind and body for sleep, this program option cycles through different base positions and soothing massage types so you can calmly and comfortably drift off to sleep.

Wave Form™ Massage

A unique massage experience using sound waves to transmit vibrations from the base throughout the mattress to help promote relaxation by easing muscle tension

Other Features:

  • Sleep Coaching Powered by Sleeptracker-Al
  • Lumbar Support
  • Zero Gravity Preset
  • Smart Alarm
  • Adjustable & Removable Legs.