Mattress Care Tips

Your new mattress and foundation will provide you with years of excellent service if you follow these easy instructions.

  • Rotate the mattress from head to foot every two weeks during the first six months of use. After that time period, rotate the mattress every month (Simmons and Tempu-Pedic Products do not require rotation).
  • Body impressions may appear. This is normal and is not a product defect. By rotating the mattress on the schedule shown above, you will be able to eliminate some or all of the body impressions.

  • To insure that you recieve the support that is built into your new mattress, insist on purchasing the matching foundation. Do not be misled into believing that is is sufficient to buy a new mattress only after your present mattress shows wear and tear. Mattress failure or "wearout" is often caused by foundation failure.
  • Use at least 5 hard-wood bed slats of 3" width or wider under your sleep set, or a 4-legged bed frame unter Twin and Full size sets, a 5-legged frame under Queen size, and a 6-legged frame under a King size set. the 5th leg on a Queen and the 6th legs on a King set must be in the center for proper support.
  • Use a high quality, absorbent and waterproof mattress protector. This will help keep the covering of the mattress fresh and clean. Never apply liquids of any kind to the mattress cover.
  • Don't jump or stand on your sleep set. Misuse of this kind could cause unnecessary damage and void your warranty.
  • Don't bend your mattress when rotating the mattress or moving it from one location to another. It is almost impossible for you to straighten a mattress whose border rod has been bent. Such abuse voids your warranty.

Items Not Covered By Your Warranty

  • Body Impressions: body impressions are normal and will occur with use. Mattresses use upholstery and cushioning materials. Cushioning materials compress more in areas used by sleeper(s) than in areas not normally used. Body impressions indicate that the mattress is conforming to your body's individual contours.
  • It is normal for body impressions to appear in a new mattress. Actually, thay should be expected to occur, because every quality mattress utilizes thick, comfortable upholstery that will compress with use. The body impressions will be more noticeable in queen and king sizes, because the mattress is not used in the center as much as each side, and because the impressions are caused by the setting (compressing) of the uphostery material. Body impressions of up to 1 1/2 inches are normal and therefore, should not be considered an indication of structural failure. Properly turning or rotating your mattress as directed will prolong the life of our mattress set and help minimize impressions in your bedding investment.
  • Comsumer satisfation with comfort or "feel" of the mattress. The comfort or "feel" you desire in a mattress should be determined at the store or the retailer during mattress selection. Our sleep experts will work to find the right mattress for your personal requirements.